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Met acquires a Picasso

1913. Oil on canvas; 59 x 39 1/8 in. (148 x 99 cm). Leonard A. Lauder Cubist Collection; 2013 Estate of Pablo Picasso/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

In April 2013, the Met in NYC received seventy eight new cubist paintings, including this Picasso painting. This Picasso painting in particular is attractive because of its ability to convey a distortion of reality, with hints of our world entangled among its composition.

One can make a guess as to what this painting is portraying, or what representational elements appear, but essentially, this is a painting of tones and lines. There is slight text, implying the newspaper, and there seems to be breasts in the middle of the painting. Perhaps this is a woman holding a newspaper, but that is speculative. The color scheme has nothing too vibrant, as there are no directly primary colors.

One can easily see the paint strokes within the Picasso painting. Picasso employs the obligatory “foreground, middleground, background” element in this painting, with obvious differentiation of lights, midtones, and dark areas that successfully create a dynamic composition.

It has a colossal feeling to it, as there are elements within the painting that are piled on top of another, creating a conglomeration of shapes and shadows that resembles an amorphic and androgynous figure.

Written by Andrew Kaminski


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