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How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Gift

Perfect Wedding Gift

A wedding is an exciting, heart-warming event, but mulling over a present for the happy newlyweds can dampen the mood. You probably want to gift something you know they’ll love. They should use your gift, rather than unceremoniously shove it in their attic. The couple’s registry is a good start, but how do you choose which gift to give them? What if they don’t even have a registry? Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect wedding gift, so you can stop worrying and enjoy the couple’s special day.

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Set a Budget for the Perfect Wedding Gift

If there’s a wedding registry, chances are, it features a few expensive items. Let’s face it—attending a wedding is costly. There’s the transportation, clothes, and now, the gifts. Making the newlyweds happy is important, but so is keeping yourself out of debt. By setting a budget, you can narrow down your choices and make it easier to find the perfect gift. The average wedding gift will set you back $100, but depending on your circumstances, it’s fine to spend less, or, if you’re feeling generous, even more.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Gift: Check the Registry

You’re not obligated to stick to what’s on the registry, but it doesn’t hurt to look. The registry will give you a good idea of what the newlyweds want to receive. If their registry is jammed pack with kitchen appliances and utensils, it might be smart to get them something you’re sure they’ll use in the kitchen. An electric wine opener, automatic soap dispenser, or air fryer make for great choices.

Personalize the Gifts

If you’re being invited to the wedding, chances are, you know the people getting married. Personalized gifts might be harder to pick out, but they come with several benefits. By personalizing your gifts, you’re giving the newlyweds something that’s both heartfelt and unique. This guarantees you won’t be giving the couple a duplicate gift.

Give Cash

Another tip on how to choose the perfect wedding gift is to give cash when all else fails. Most couples already own the quintessential wedding gifts, like linens and kitchenware. If they don’t need anything specific, you can give them cash as a present instead. They can save it, spend it, put it toward their honeymoon, or use it to go on a relaxing weekend date.

Provide a Receipt

If you’re worried the couple might not like your gift, there’s an easy solution—include the receipt. This gives them a bit of freedom. They can return your present for either cash, store credit, or a completely different gift.

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