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How To Prevent a Flat Tire

Have you ever been driving along in your car, only to hear an unusual thumping and discover that one of your tires has gone flat? Getting a flat tire is a common automotive issue that almost every car owner will experience at one point or another. But when you know how to prevent a flat tire, it’s not hard to avoid the issue.

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Keep Tires Properly Inflated

One of the best ways to prevent a flat tire is to always keep your tires properly inflated. If your tires are too underinflated, they are at risk of becoming flat. An underinflated tire can also lead to other tire issues, including internal tire damage and uneven wear of tire tread. Learn how to check your tire pressure and do so regularly, at least once a month.

Avoid Driving on Sharp Objects

To avoid puncturing your tire while driving, avoid areas like construction zones that are filled with sharp objects including nails, screws, and other sharp bits of metal. Also avoid badly maintained roads that are uneven and filled with potholes. Sharp objects and bad roads can damage your tires, leading to the need for a tire replacement.

Check Tire Wear

When tires are old or worn, they are more likely to become damaged or flat. To avoid this, tire wear, including the tread of each tire, should be checked routinely and tires should be replaced when they become too worn.

Rotate Your Tires

One way to promote even wear to all four of your tires is to rotate your tires every six months, or every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Depending on your car’s drivetrain, tires in different positions on your car will wear out quickly, and the uneven wear can lead to a flat tire, issues with the drivetrain, or even an accident.

Be Mindful of Your Spare

Should one of your tires unexpectedly go flat, it’s good to have a spare tire handy. Check to see whether your car includes a spare tire. If it doesn’t, be sure to purchase one. Keep your spare tire well maintained, and if you do need to use it, be sure not to drive long distances on it.

Knowing how to prevent a flat tire will help you to keep your tires in good condition and avoid any difficulties that may come of a tire unexpectedly going flat. But even with the best maintenance, accidents can still happen so make sure that you know what to do if you do get a flat tire despite these preventative measures.


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