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Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island You Need To Have Another Journey At

This post brought to you by Puerto Rico, The All-Star Island. All opinions are 100% mine.

Vacation in Puerto Rico For a 5-Star Adventure

If you want to truly have some fun…  Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico.  There is a new contest to win a three night stay there! You need to  prepare for an amazing journey that will take you from the most relaxing moments of your life on Puerto Rican golf courses to the thrilling adventure of the Rainforest. With a booming night club scene, Puerto Rico has long been a hotbed for entertainment and exciting times. We recommend you explore for as long as possible, a memory in Puerto Rico will stay with you forever as one of the best times you have ever had.

 The food choices are immense and endless with amazing flavors, and exotic items that you just don’t get laying around.

Perhaps one of the lesser known facts now is that you do not need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. It clears up a lot of those difficulties of travel and paperwork to ensure fun and smooth travels with minimum hassle. Seriuosly, if you want to go with a big group of people to a foreign area, it can start to become dis-organized or difficult if that destination requires everybody to have passports and/or visas, etc.

Visit San Juan with a loved one for extra charm or delve into some fun horseback adventures in the rainforest.

Remember to also check out the official contest they have going on.

Total prize is up to $2K and includes airfare, a 3 night stay, food credit and more so that you can have a jumpstart to your journey!

You can also apply by commenting at the bottom of this blog post!

Let us know your thoughts on the contest and what you would do with your own 5-star stay in Puerto Rico!

For Exact Details About Winning The Contest Check Out: Official Contest Rules

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Watch some of the videos to see for yourself how enjoyable this area:

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