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Real Estate Challenges of Energy Efficient Homes

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3D Green Home Ver2Homeowners who create energy efficient homes often invest a lot of money and effort to lower their utility costs. But, when they are ready to sell these homes, they are not able to recoup their investments because the real estate industry has no standardized way of listing energy efficient homes to highlight this added value. Additionally, buyers who are searching for “green” homes are not able to easily shop for them by that category.

According to recent surveys of homebuyers and sellers alike, the National Association of Realtors determined that energy efficiency in a home is in fact very important to prospective buyers. So, how can realtors market that to their clients? Currently, there is a campaign in the works that is aimed at doing exactly that, by standardizing data that is used to report energy improvements to existing homes. This is a smart way to convey the value of a home that has been upgraded to be more environmentally conscious.

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