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What To Know When Renovating Your Kitchen

For most homeowners, renovating the kitchen is a significant long-term expense that deserves perfect planning. Many factors call for consideration, such as your family’s lifestyle, the amount of space you can work with, and your budget. As a result, there’s much to learn! Here’s what to know when renovating your kitchen. This information will help save you time, money, and frustration.

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Plan Your Schedule

Keep in mind that revamping your kitchen requires careful preparation. Avoid demolishing and taking appliances out of the space without outlining a schedule first.

If you plan on doing it alone, arrange tasks based on their priority and length. If you hire a professional, they can advise you and help contact subcontractors and other specialists needed for the job.

Consider Your Space and Layout

Your kitchen layout will dictate the amount of room you can work with. You can maximize space in smaller areas by using unique storage ideas, such as adding risers to shelves to take advantage of vertical space and installing pot racks over kitchen sinks.

Opening your kitchen means you’ll have to sacrifice a wall or two. Determine what walls are worth taking down to expand your area and expect to consult a plumber and electrician to help move pipes and wires.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

A vital tip to remember is to avoid losing sight of your budget. Allocating your finances allows you to decide what areas you can spend on and where you can save.

For example, replacing hardwood flooring that’s prone to wear and dents with a similar-looking alternative, such as vinyl and laminate, can be cost-effective. Replacing kitchen cabinets can get pricey, but sprucing up your current cabinets with a layer of fresh paint can make them as good as new ones!

Have Your Appliances on Hand

Avoid purchasing any necessary new appliances at the end of your renovation. Instead, it’s best to have a new microwave or other relevant appliance on hand before you start placing cabinets and shelves. This way, you can build around the appliances’ dimensions rather than the other way around.

Assess Your Water

Your sink plays a significant role in your kitchen, as it provides most of the water you use while cooking and cleaning. Thus, you should look for potential issues with it when updating your kitchen. For instance, taking a look at your faucet and appliances before replacing them can ensure that you don’t have a hard water issue in your home.

For many, the kitchen is a haven and a perfect spot to host guests. So, crafting the space of your dreams is important! While this article is only the beginning of what to know when renovating your kitchen, you’ll approach the task with a clearer mindset and proper direction now that you’ve read it. Happy renovating!


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