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Sea Shell Awnings are All the Rage

seashell1Having an awning in place is a good way to prevent your home from absorbing a lot of heat. However, most people only have an awning that covers a front porch, and it has traditionally been difficult to install these energy saving options in areas that receive the most sun exposure. Fortunately, the Seashell Awning has been designed to fit into even the most awkward areas, and it can also be folded down if necessary.

A Sea Shell Awning is a retractable sail that comes in four standard applications that range from 90 to 360 degrees. Custom options are also available, making this innovative product the best way to protect your home. Additionally, these awnings will provide a waterproof barrier for all of the items that are placed beneath it. Because of this perk, many homeowners place theirĀ Sea Shell Awnings near their pool.

Saving Money on Utilities

During the summer, it is difficult to keep heat from seeping into your home through windows and poor insulation. Even if you keep your blinds closed, the temperature in your home is still going to spike during the hottest part of the day, and this can become very expensive if you are running an air conditioner. However, if you have an awning in place, you will experience a dramatic reduction in the amount of heat that enters your home. For example, if you place yours outside of an eastern or western facing window, you can expect a heat reduction of up to 77 percent. This can reduce the heat in your home by 15 degrees, and that will have a major impact on your electric bill.

Aside from saving you money, the Seashell Awning is also a stylish option for your yard that provides protection from harsh UV rays. Installing at least one on your property is the perfect way to reduce energy expenses and protect your expensive art, decorations and furniture.

Photo courtesy of seashellawnings.com.au.


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