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Signs it's Time to Move

The prospect of moving to a new town can seem daunting, to say the least – particularly when you’ve invested your energy into any one place for long. But people do it every day, pick up and move. Though because it’s challenging to tackle all of the logistics of changing homesteads many prefer to hang tight even when signs say they might want to reconsider. Take a look at these scenarios to see if any resonate; if so, why not consider taking the plunge?

One Size Does Not Fit All

As you go on in life you change, it’s only natural. However, your needs might change so drastically that your old town no longer fits you. Maybe you’re looking for the excitement and opportunities of a bigger city. Conversely, you might be starting a family and want to raise your child in a smaller, more tranquil town. There is no right or wrong option here, just different strokes for different folks. Factors like the existence of better-than-average grade schools most likely makes no difference to childless 22 year old, but once you start a family?

Maybe it’s simply that the things that give you joy have changed. Have you become an avid hiker? If so then the flat terrain of a State like Florida just won’t cut it any longer.


No Work

With the tumultuous economy being what it is many people are needing to go where the work is, even if it’s just for the hope of more opportunities in a new town. And if you land that dream gig across the country and there’s no work on the local front, how can you pass it up? Some people are avoiding a move by changing careers or going into work that is web-based or allows for telecommuting, but if you are immersed in a specific career field that is a hot commodity in another city it only makes sense to give moving some real consideration.


For Love

Technology allows long lost loves to reconnect and new romances to form, but if considering uprooting your life for someone you’ve spent very little face-time with really give that some thought. With online romances, people can be anyone they choose to be – and of course the romance is going stronger when you don’t have the toilet seat to fight about. Even if you’ve reconnected with someone from your past be sure to spend ample amounts of time together and in a variety of situations before ever considering such a move.

One reason to move for love is if your partner gets a great job offer or is just incredibly unhappy living where you currently do. With this type of situation it’s important to factor in the needs of yourselves as individuals but also as a team. Moving can be stressful and is absolutely disruptive to life as you now know it, but if it helps keep you and your partner together and solid then look at the pros and cons and then decide accordingly.


Need a New Start

If you’ve experienced a big loss like death or divorce it’s very common to want to just run off and make a new start. Moving after major change is not necessarily a bad idea but do give yourself an adequate amount of time to grieve before making any major changes to your life. Once you work through your loss you may be able to see the good in your home town again. Or in time you may find that you’re ready for a new start, but make that decision in strength not in pain and grief.

No, moving and starting a new life isn’t easy. But if doing it for the right reasons – in hopes to make a better life for yourself and for those you love – the obstacles can be joyfully overcome, and a whole new world will open to you. But first look at where you’re at now, does it still suit you?


Written by Emily Rankin. Ready to pack the car and go? If so, protect your belongings! www.carinsurance.org.uk


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