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Small Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

There’s on living emphasis on living a green lifestyle today. Many people want to do their part to help preserve the earth. Major changes, such as driving an electric vehicle or using solar energy, go a long way. However, even seemingly insignificant daily changes help, too. Here are some small ways to make your home more sustainable to consider.

Use Fewer Plastics

The overabundance of single-use plastics is one of the worst environmental issues today. Basically, single-use plastics are plastic items that you throw away after utilizing them once. People also refer to them as disposable plastics. Plastic bottles, straws, packaging materials, cutlery, shopping bags, and takeout containers are some common examples of single-use plastics. An easy and efficient way to improve sustainability at your home is to cut down on the consumption of single-use plastics. Be mindful of how much plastic you throw away, as much of it ends up in oceans and harms marine life.

Reduce Water Consumption

There are many ways to reduce water consumption in your home. Whether it’s cutting down on the number of flushes from your toilets or using full loads for dishwashers or washing machines, you can reduce the amount of water you use daily. Water conservation isn’t just good for sustainability; it also improves your mindfulness of utility use overall. As you cut back on your water consumption, you’ll notice other ways you overuse resources in your home. Your observations will cause you to make other gradual changes as well.

Go Meatless

While potentially controversial, going meatless is nevertheless one of the best small ways to make your home more sustainable. Many people may not realize that the meat and dairy industries contribute to much of the harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Production, processing, packaging, and delivery produce a substantial portion of the global greenhouse gas emissions damaging the environment today. The main harmful gases these processes give off are methane and nitrous oxide. Meat and dairy production also consumes more water than produce. Reducing your home’s meat and dairy intake has a bigger environmental impact than you think.


Finally, remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Even basic recycling habits improve your home’s sustainability record. Paper, plastic, metal, and glass are all recyclable. Importantly, keep in mind certain packages aren’t recyclable. Furthermore, alternative methods may be necessary to recycle specific objects. Check your local recycling plant for certain items, such as large TVs or appliances. Also, find out about any additional rules or regulations for recyclables.


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