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The Best Ways You Can Get Around Town Without a Car

Traveling around town without using your own car isn’t as difficult as many people think. Although cars are very convenient, there are different methods of local transportation that are just as good as a car. Here are the best ways you can get around town without a car.


If the place you’re going to is close enough, walking is very efficient. You can just go as you need without worrying about parking or wasting money. Plus, the walk can be great for your health, as you work up a sweat along the way. However, traveling to farther away places will be more challenging.

Public Transportation

If you live in a larger city, you probably have access to great public transportation. This option does cost a small amount of money, but it still gives you a speedy trip to wherever the buses and trains go. The only issue is that you can’t control the timing of the buses or trains—you travel on their schedule.


One of the nation’s favorite forms of transportation outside of cars is biking. With no carbon emissions, bikes let you travel wherever you need, at your speed, while staying green. You can travel miles in just a few minutes with a good bike, although you do work out a lot during the process.

Personal Electric Vehicle

With all the benefits of a bike, plus the additional benefits of electric motors, personal electric vehicles (PEV) are taking the country by storm as car alternatives. A good PEV helps you travel around at a good pace without tiring yourself out. Additionally, you’ve got many different vehicle options, from e-bikes to hoverboards; there are even popular one-wheeled electric skateboards you can get.


Even if you don’t use your car, you can still access one by carpooling or using Uber. This means you can order a ride when you need one while still using the other methods for day-to-day trips. If you do opt for Uber, it can get expensive over time, so try using a carpool strategy with friends first.

As you can see, not using a car isn’t a death sentence for your local travel. Just keep in mind the best ways you can get around town without a car, and you’ll avoid any troubles.


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