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The Night Life in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco’s glitziest jewel is nestled atop Mount Charles, overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, and is known as the playground for the rich and famous. The place to visit for glamour, gambling, and hobnobbing with the stars, Monte Carlo has no shortage of evening activities for those that like to live life to the fullest.

Ante Up in World-Class Casinos
Monte Carlo is famous for its casinos and perhaps one of its best known casinos is the Monte Carlo Casino. Constructed in 1858 by the legendary architect Charles Garnier, the Monte Carlo casino is the most notable edifice in the principality. It offers visitors a chance to play a wide variety of games from slots to English, European, and American roulette in an elite, luxurious setting. The casino also houses the Grand Theater de Monte Carlo and the Ballet and Opera house.

Hit the Clubs
Monte Carlo is the place to be if you want to enjoy an evening of cocktails and dancing. One of the most noted clubs is Jimmy’z, located on Avenue Princesse. For over thirty years, Jimmy’z has been the swankiest rendezvous spot for jet-setters and celebrities. If you go, be prepared for haughty attitudes and high prices.

Dine in a Fine Restaurant
With the whole city full of world-class dining establishments, it might be difficult to choose just one. However, if you must choose, go to Louis XV, located in the Hotel de Paris, adjacent to the Monte Carlo Casino. Operated from one of the finest hotels in the world, this restaurant boasts the renowned Chef Alain Ducasse who presents unsurpassed delicacies in one of the most luxurious dining rooms in the world. This Michelin 3 star-rated restaurant is a dining experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Take a Stroll and People Watch
Don’t have the budget for an expensive evening out? Take a stroll. All of Monte Carlo’s sites are packed into a two mile square radius and are within easy walking distance. Walk along Avenue Saint-Martin and take in the exquisite scenery and the magnificent cathedral. Or, walk along the marina and take in the mansions and million dollar yachts. Join the crowds on the walks of Place du Casino and window shop the high-end retail spots. One thing’s for sure, in Monte Carlo there’s no shortage of attractions.

Author Bio: Olivia Bennett is an avid traveler and writer. She lives in the UK and works for Wink Bingo.


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