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Top 10 Unique Travel Destinations For Avid Travelers

Transylvania, Romania

Unique Travel Destinations For People Who Have Been Almost Everywhere

For those who have the travel bug, it never really goes away. Just staying in one place for too long makes their skin start to itch until they have another adventure in motion. The first step is deciding on a unique travel destination.

Some people choose places for the scenery, somewhere beautiful and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life. If you’re like me, it doesn’t matter where you drop me on the map, the first place that I’m going to head is to a restaurant to try as much on the menu as I can. Others still want the experience of a lifetime for as little money to do so. Keep reading to get a breakdown and find the best fit for you on your next great international adventure.

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Unique Travel Destinations For The Foodie

Prague, Czech Republic

The capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic and a wonderland of medieval architecture. The city remained almost untouched by WWII, so still has a fantastic amount of castles, bridges, and cathedrals that can dwarf the rest of the city easily. There are plenty of museums to keep you busy. And if art isn’t your thing, then go on a brewery tour, spending a day visiting a handful of microbreweries in and around Prague.

Santiago, ChileSantiago, Chile

Santiago is located in the valley of the Andes and the Chilean coast and is the beautiful capital of Chile. You have a few choices in an environment — as you can be on the mountains and at the beach in the same day, both just outside the city. This cultural hotspot has museums, plenty of parks, and vineyards. It’s also known as a culinary haven for those who love to eat. They have plenty of international as well as local cuisine. Take the time to travel the districts and experience all parts of the culture.


Located along the Caucasus Mountains between Europe and Asia, Armenia is still mostly lush countryside and picturesque landscapes. There is a metropolis, but the main attractions are outside the city. The vineyards are an excellent and unique travel destination for the wine connoisseur. The food is also impeccable if you do make it into the city. There isn’t just that — Armenia boasts the oldest cathedral in existence and a 10th-century monastery.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is most notably home of the Berlin Wall and is still a prime destination for those wanting to explore the history there. As it’s a bustling metropolis, there is plenty to find here by way of entertainment — theatre, museums, clubs, and most importantly, food. For those who love exploring the city and the food, then Berlin may be the unique travel destination for you.

Unique Travel Destinations With Scenery

Langkawi, MalaysiaLangkawi, Malaysia

This chain of archipelago islands is a tropical paradise. There are green rainforest-like areas that you can explore and towns that allow for shopping and vendor fare. Resorts have started popping up in this area, so if you prefer to keep to the beaten path, but still have the freedom to explore the natural wonders of the Malaysian islands, this could be an excellent choice for your next adventure.


Located in the southern area of Africa, Namibia is known for its beautiful and captivating desert, which is a stark contrast to nearly all of the other options on this list. It’s become a more popular unique travel destination area, replacing some of the older lodgings with more modern hotels and updated accommodations. It’s a captivating place for those who like something a little outside the norm, and they’ll find it in Namibia.

Nairobi, Kenya

In the east African rainforest is tucked Nairobi, home to both rainforests and savannah. There’s plenty to explore here, from safari adventures, their national parts, and their famous giraffe sanctuary. There is no lack of things to do in Nairobi, both in the city and outside of it.

Unique Travel Destinations on A Budget

Transylvania, RomaniaTransylvania, Romania

Everyone has heard the myths revolving around Transylvania that even permeates to this day, but none of them can capture the true beauty and wonder that is the city of Transylvania. Tucked between rolling farmlands, there is a unique and hospitable atmosphere about this country. You can travel the surrounding rolling hills, experience the foods of Romania, and explore the heritage of Transylvania. This is for the traveler who has more wonder than they do a budget.

St. Helena IslandSt. Helena Island

If you don’t already know, this was the last home of Napoleon Bonaparte after he was captured, in the South Atlantic Ocean. While it has some history, it also has a volcano, that makes for an amazing hiking excursion. It’s a relatively isolated region and is incredibly gorgeous, boasting some of the most unspoiled architecture in the world in the capital of Jamestown. For those natural explorers who love the outdoors, this may be the place for you to explore uninhibited.

Budapest, Hungary

Known for some of its museums, colleges, and history, Budapest is an excellent choice for those who are not only on a budget but are traveling with a family as well. There is plenty to do — from visiting the hot baths, the numerous concert halls, and the zoo and botanical gardens within the city. And for those who like to go out after dark, there’s plenty of nightlife as well.

There are plenty of places to see, both on and off this list. The real treasure is that you have at your fingertips the opportunity to go and see them for yourself. Take some time, jot down a travel plan and budget and get to it! Your next adventure awaits.

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