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Wacky Tube Men – They get the job done!

Wacky Tube MenYou want your retail store or special event to be noticed, having a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man in front is sure to do just that. While the name Wacky Waving Arm Flailing Tube Men is not their real name, they are often referred to in jest as such due to their multiple appearances on the cartoon “Family Guy”. The real name for one of these powerful advertising tools is Air Dancer. They are quite commonly used by retail outlets throughout the country and are a great way to attract potential customers to your store. Due to the large size, bright colors, and the dancing motion of these wacky dancing dudes, when a potential customer passes by your business it is imposable for them not to look.

Many stores have the disadvantage of being hidden back from the street view. Air Dancers can help draw attention to a store that might otherwise go unnoticed. Business alongside highways can greatly benefit from Air Dancers as well. Drivers will notice these kooky inflatables right away from a very long distance. Car lots, car washes, diners and business of all kinds can greatly benefit from the added visibility brought by these wacky tube dudes.

Almost any type of business big or small can benefit from the use of an Air Dancers. They are a much more blatant form of advertising compared to more traditional forms of advertising. If your business that needs more visibility, then you can’t go wrong using outdoor advertising products like these wacky tube men. With multiple styles and characters to choose from, you can select the one that fits your business and clientele best. You can bring your customers in with a smile by putting an Air Dancer in front of your business today!

There are many styles of Air Dancers available. They average is 20ft tall and are offered in numerous bright colors. You can also get Air Dancers with prewritten or custom slogans on them, and are a great way to let a customer know what you are selling or if you have a special offering. If branding is important to then air dancers are perfect for this task as well, you can have a company logo put on them.  You can also get wacky character shaped Air Dancers to truly grab customer’s attention. Some of the most popular are Chefs, Uncle Sam and Clowns.

Air Dancers are the perfect way to bring attention to your stores big sale or special event without breaking the bank? It is a perfect low cost way to get your business noticed, bring in more customers, and increase sales. If you would like to get more information about these awesome advertising product visit Super Sign Factory. They are America’s #1 supplier of Air Dancer inflatables. They stock the largest selection of the most popular Air Dancers and offer only the highest quality at the lowest prices



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