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Tips for Washing Your Car in the Winter

Washing Your Car

Once the temperatures drop, many car owners stop caring much about how clean their cars are. After all, with snow, road salt, and rainy conditions, keeping the car sparkling is hardly feasible. But it’s almost more important to keep your cars washed in the colder months, and these tips for washing your car in the winter will help keep your car shining until spring.

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Wash Frequently

Winter can be cruel to a car body and paint job. Between the frigid temperatures, slush, and road salt, plenty can contribute to rust and corrosion. All this grime can accumulate quickly, so it’s better not to take too much time between washings. Some experts recommend washing the car as much as every 10 days, but you can adjust this by how frequently you drive and how poor the weather is.

Washing During the Day

As important as keeping your car body clean is, you want to exercise discretion when washing the car in freezing temperatures. Cold temps can prove dangerous to your hands and feet, but they can also freeze your door handles shut. The best way to avoid this is to wash your car on days when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, during the day, and in the direct sunlight.

Towel Dry Your Car

There are multiple reasons why you should avoid letting your car air dry. Even in the summer, letting a car air dry can lead to unsightly spots across your car body. In the winter, the problem is a little more severe. As we mentioned, the pooling water can freeze door handles and windows shut. Not only that, but road salt sticks to a wet car even more than a dry car, undoing all the work you just did washing it.

Don’t Forget To Wax

Along with removing grime and road salt that is already on your car, you can also prevent it from getting onto the hood in the first place. There are several types of wax you can use on your car to keep moisture and dirt from sticking to the hood, mitigating its harmful effects. Waxing the car also makes it much easier to wash, which is especially helpful if you find yourself putting more time into washing your car in the winter.

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