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3D Food Replicator Coming to Your Kitchen

Vanilla is a beanWith the invention of 3D printing as a revolutionary technology, comes the next logical step – 3D food? Hmm…While printing in three dimensions can certainly help the manufacturing industry (think: cars, machines, toys), contributing writer, Tim Worstall, wonders how the Foodini, as it is called, can actually help people make better food.

According to Worstall’s description, you can load your fresh ingredients into containers in the Foodini, select a design on the machine’s control panel, and then “print” your concoction in layers, and voila! Three-dimensional food creations can fill your kitchen and impress your dinner guests. But, as Worstall also notes, this machine doesn’t actually make the food taste better. In fact, only the operator can do that.

A 3D food-sculpting machine with a hefty price tag will not likely top the list of consumers’ have-to-have culinary items, although maybe the Foodini will find a niche market in restaurants that cater to children.

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