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Mayan Palace Fraud: Five Reasons to Ignore What You Might Have Seen Online

Mayan Palace fraud is nothing real; it is the construct of libelous and fake online reviews that have victimized the good name of Mayan Palace. The best thing you can do is ignore what you have read online about the Mayan Palace Cancun. The reality is that it is one of the best resorts in all of Cancun and even all of Mexico. It definitely merits a trip down to Cancun, just so you can enjoy the resort alone. Here are the five reasons to ignore what you might have seen online about the supposed Mayan Palace fraud.

Mayan Palace Fraud: Five Reasons to Ignore What You Might Have Seen Online

Amazing Beaches to Get You in the Mood

When you’re in a place like Cancun, the first thing you’ll want to take advantage of is the amazing coastline and, more specifically, the sumptuous beaches. The Mayan Palace Riviera Maya is right by the beach, which means that the beach is at your doorstep! Reviewers on TripAdvisor are particularly happy about the accessibility of the beach and the enjoyment they get from making their way to it.

A Wonderful Place to Get Married

The marriages at the Mayan Palace take advantage of the resort’s location right by the beach, much to the delight and enjoyment of engaged couples who have made the trip down just to get hitched. The staff will make sure that you can get married right on the beach with the ocean breeze in your hair. On TripAdvisor, past guests rave about how they got to select the kind of ceremony, the menu, the setting, and the refreshments.

It’s Spa Time!

The whole point of vacations is to unwind, relax, and pamper yourself. The Mayan Palace understands this better than any other resort. That’s why they have the Brio Spa and Fitness Center on the premises. This world-class treatment facility provides guests with body and facial treatments. Guests enjoy stimulating their senses in the Jacuzzi, steam bath sauna, and cold plunge tub.

Golfing Is on the Agenda

At the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, guests can golf as much or as little as they want. Guests report nothing but positive experiences with the resort’s El Manglar Golf Course, which is located conveniently in between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. This is a Jack Nicklaus golf course that features amazing white sand bunkers, lakes all along the holes of the course and the stark color of the greens.

Why Dine Anywhere Else?

Guests write stellar reviews of the dining options at the Mayan Palace on sites like TripAdvisor. This has to do with the fact that guests have a variety of great food selections. They can dine at the Havana Moon for authentic Caribbean and Asian cuisine, at Frida’s Grill for real Mexican food and an appetizing buffet, and at the Asian-inspired Gong for dishes like lobster rolls and Peking duck. These are the five reasons to ignore anything you’ve seen online about so-called Mayan Palace fraud. These reviews are libelous and won’t serve to inform you of what really happens at a resort as enjoyable and high-class as the Mayan Palace. If you want to see Cancun and have the experience of a lifetime, be sure to journey down to the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya for a trip you won’t forget.

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  • DeboMedina

    Unfortunately you got hooked into a timeshare presentation; Mayan Palace timeshare resorts are known for particularly hard sell tactics. ALL the transfer companies, car rental companies, etc. are OUTSIDE the airport. The people between Customs and the doors to the outside are almost all timeshare reps (couple of kids trying to make a few bucks hauling luggage for folks also). If you go back to the Riviera Maya do not stop or talk to any of these people until you get outside. If you feel you must be polite just say No gracias and keep walking with your eyes down or straight ahead. Most of them wear these really official looking uniforms and will tell you all sorts of lies, like how you have to show them your transfer papers, etc. Just ignore them and keep going

  • Charles Berger

    I just visited the Mayan Palace in Cancun and I regretted so much, at first I was happy because I thought I made a good mayan palace timeshare deal but I didn’t, actually I was going to bring my friends from Miami next month for them to see the resort and I am very happy that I’m not going to do it. They told me that they can sell 2 of my weeks a year and I call them and is all lies they told me that I have to do that. I just can’t believe I spent 7000.00 in nothing. Do not believe them, they do not care and if you ask them for time to finance with ur bank they say they can’t and you won’t be able to go back in five yrs. u have to do the deal in the same day and *** us we did it but I will make sure that other people won’t make the same mistake than us

  • Helen Santos

    I also had a horrible experience with them. I’ve purchased my timeshare 3 years ago, and it’s been impossible to get out. I was pressured to sign a contract, and i was also scammed, they never did what they promised. We must do whatever it’s in our hands to put finish to those thieves!!!
    I was looking for some information about this resort and all their scam tactics, and i’ve found these articles that have a lot of info about them, take a look: