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4 Must See Cities in Spain!

Barcelona, Spain

4 Must See Cities In Spain!

There are a host of cities in Spain that offer a variety of activities, entertainment and delectable dining establishments. Whether you choose a large city or small, you’ll find the beaches, history, architecture, bullfights, art and flamenco dancers will entice and amaze visitors navigating Spain. When deciding on your next vacation spot, you’ll find the following four cities to be the most entertaining and scenic places to visit.

1. Valencia

The third largest city in Spain is a popular destination with tourists who flock to the area. Valencia is situated just west of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea. Pristine beaches, beautiful waters, nautical sports and orange groves make up the city. It’s also considered to house one of the most predominant business districts on the Mediterranean. Art, technology, markets, and the largest aquarium are showcased in Valencia, Spain. It’s a history buffs dream because it houses artifacts from the Cathedral that claims to have the gates of the medieval city and Holy Grail.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is located at the northeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea. With the Pyranees Mountains nearby, you’ll find the second largest city in Spain to be known for its independence. It even has its own language. Made famous for its architecture, you’ll find that many of the buildings throughout the city were constructed by the well-known artist Antonio Gaudi.

It also has the world acclaimed Las Ramblas where you’ll find something to suit all types of interests. From street performers and markets to classic cafes and monuments, you’ll find Las Ramblas an important part of Spain’s history. Barcelona has also become extremely popular since it hosted the Olympic games in 1992 and many tourists who visit the region find that it’s one of their favorite places to travel to due to the convenient mass transit around the city and transportation from Barcelona airport to hotels in the area.

Madrid centro3. Madrid

The capital of Spain is Madrid and is home to the royal family. It’s also the largest city in Spain and headquarters to world-class businesses. The Reina Sofia and Museo del Prado are two of the most famous museums for art enthusiasts. Popular sports include bull fighting which takes place in one of the most well-known rings in Las Ventas. Soccer is another favorite for tourists traversing to Madrid. Well-known attractions for architectural buffs include the Royal Palace, Sabatini Gardens and Puerta del Sol.

4. Granada

Seated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, you’ll find a small Spanish city with a Moorish influence. Filled with Islamic heritage, visitors will enjoy the Alhambra, which is a fortress with gardens, towers and palaces. The Albayzin is a neighborhood where some of the first Iberian tribesmen were settled. Granada is also home to some of the finest Flamenco dancing throughout the country. This seasonal paradise offers winter sports for snow enthusiasts. It’s also an excellent respite for beach goers who seek refuge from the heat.

What makes Spain one of the most amazing places to venture to is its rich history, architecture, endless list of artifacts and places to tour. It’s also an ideal location for visitors who have a passion for history and amazing foods from the region.

Being an international traveler enables Nadine Swayne to forward this information. Spain is a beautiful place in many ways, from the easy transportation from Barcelona airport to hotels to exciting city hotspots and  historic museums, you’re sure to have a memorable trip.

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