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4 Simple Comfort Foods For Your Next Party


Anyone having a party, will make their guests happy by offering comfort foods. A comfort food is often a recipe, that creates fond memories for people. Often it is a food or recipe, that people ate at the family table. These nostalgic foods may also have been enjoyed, at a grandmother or other relative’s home during the holidays. People often crave these comfort foods when they are homesick, or having a difficult day. The comfort food changes the mood of the person consuming it. The consumption of comfort food, assists in manufacturing chemicals that adjust serotonin in the brain. Therefore, serving a comfort food at your party, will create a fantastic feeling for your guests.

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Macaroni and Cheese

For most guests, a favorite comfort food is macaroni and cheese. It is a commonly served dish, at family meal events. In addition, college students often require having the tiny instant macaroni and cheese packets in their resident hall rooms. The ingredients are easy to purchase and prepare. There are recipes for baked varieties, and stove-top varieties of macaroni and cheese. Add some extra ingredients to make it special. Bacon, vegetables and multiple types of cheese make it more suitable for a party.

Fried Chicken

The next great comfort food, that guests will love is fried chicken. Fried chicken is easy to prepare at home. The basic recipe includes chicken, flour, oil and salt. Wash the chicken parts, dip them in flour and place them carefully in hot oil. Sprinkle a tiny amount of salt on the chicken, after it is cooked. There are also recipes for baked fried chicken, that many people prefer using. The fried chicken can also be prepared before the party, and reheated. Have barbecue sauce or other dipping sauces available for extra flavor.

Green Bean Casserole

Guests will love being served green bean casserole, at your party. This great vegetable dish is traditionally enjoyed, at Thanksgiving. But it is great for parties too. It is easy to prepare. The recipe requires canned green beans, and condensed mushroom soup. Additional ingredients include soy sauce, milk, pepper and pre-baked flour coated fried onions to sprinkle on the top. This comfort food is easy to prepare, bake and serve.

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Chocolate Cake

For dessert, everyone loves delicious chocolate cake. The chocolate cake can be prepared in square, rectangular or round pans. It can be served as layer cake or sheet cake. A chocolate and sugar dessert, will complete the comfort food theme of your party.

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