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Smoking: Is It Ever Too Late To Quit?

The Habit of a Lifetime

For a great deal of people, smoking is literally the habit of a lifetime. The vast majority of smokers begin to do so during their teenage years, with many continuing to smoke until the day they die. There seems to be a sort of tipping point in later life, where individuals give up trying to give up, if they ever tried at all, and declare that it is simply “too late” to quit smoking. It is tragic that in many of these cases, it is after having been diagnosed with a serious illness that people take the line that it is too late.

While life expectancy rates are higher among those who do are able to quit before they develop a condition, the reality is that it is never too late to make a difference.

Whether you quit smoking at age 17 or 70, you will be making a huge positive impact on your health.

What can be Done?

The single biggest step individuals can take is to make the positive decision to quit smoking. While quitting smoking will have a positive impact at any age, there is significant evidence that, if individuals quit before the age of 40, their risk of developing serious illnesses and death reduces to that of someone who has never smoked in later life.

E cigarette cartridges are one of the fastest growing smoking cessation aids around the world. These products play a key role in gradual withdrawal from tobacco, whilst immediately stopping the user from filling their lungs with tar and other harmful, toxic chemicals. Users of e cigarette cartridges will immediately begin to see improvements to their lung health, as the product simply provides them with their nicotine “fix,” and nothing else.

Other popular methods, such as patches and gum, are falling behind e cigarette cartridges in terms of their popularity, mainly because the success rate associated with e cigarettes is a lot higher.

Health Improvements

Whether using e cigarette cartridges or going down another route, it is critical that smokers of all ages realise that it is never too late to give up smoking for good. It will have longer lasting effects the earlier you give up, however there are immediate and noticeable health benefits available for anyone with the willpower to give up smoking, no matter how old they are.

Medical advice should always be taken before using a smoking cessation product.

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