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4 Traditional Holiday Recipes

Thanksgiving is only a few days and already the rush is on to get ready for the holiday season. The holidays are as much about the food as they are the shopping and the time spent with family and most homes have traditional recipes that they roll out this time every year. Here are a few classic dishes associated with the holiday season.

Buche de Noel

Also known as a Yule log, the buche de Noel is a traditional Christmas cake that is still prepared annually is French speaking countries around the globe. The confection usually begins with a plain yellow sponge cake, which is rolled up with chocolate buttercream frosting into the shape of a log and then decorated. Often times beautifully crafted details such as mushrooms and berries are added to make the log appearance more authentic.

Candy Canes

No Christmas tree is complete without the red and white peppermint treat known as the candy cane. Peppermint sticks have been made for generations around the world but the actual cane shape is attributed to a choirmaster from a small cathedral in Germany. According to the story the choirmaster created the cane shaped treat back in 1670, to resemble a Shepard’s crook and passed them out to children that came to his services.

Figgy Pudding

Believed to originate back in Shakespeare’s England, figgy pudding is a small spice cake made with figs and nuts. Also referred to as Christmas pudding, figgy pudding also contains a high brandy content that makes it moist and long lasting. The cake is traditionally steamed and then set on fire right before it is served.

Fruit Cake

While fruit cake has earned a bad reputation over the years, this classic holiday recipe is still made in abundance every season. When prepared correctly a fruit cake can actually be moist and flavorful. Fruit cake traditionally consists of a yellow cake that is baked with a variety of candied fruits, spices and nuts and they soaked in rum or brandy.

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