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Unexpected Uses of Honey You Should take Advantage Of


Honey has more uses that just sweetening your tea, to the surprise of some people. In fact, many different industries take advantage of this natural superfood in their products due to its flexibility. Honey is filled with several beneficial nutrients and vitamins that play parts in its flavor and texture. These are some unexpected uses of honey you should take advantage of.

Soothes Inflammation

Manuka honey is typically what people think of when they imagine medical-grade honey. This specific honey product goes through several steps, such as irradiation and additional filtration, to ensure it’s free of contaminants. As a result, this honey is excellent for reducing inflammation due to its osmotic properties. This means it’s able to draw fluid from wounds, creating a moist environment ideal for healing. Aside from sore throats, it’s also able to help with burns, making it easier for them to heal.

Smooths the Skin

People can also use honey as an alternative to moisturizers. Variations such as raw honey smooth the skin and create a glowing complexion. Many people used to attribute its beauty applications to the connections it has to Cleopatra and her rumored milk-and-honey baths. Today, it’s known that the combination of milk’s lactic acid and honey’s cleansing capabilities naturally moisturizes the skin and inhibit acne-causing bacteria.

Adds Shine to Hair

With its ability to smooth the skin and help it retain moisture, honey has emollient and humectant properties. When applied to the hair, it allows water to lock into each strand it interacts with and provides an overall increase in the hair’s shine and luster. The best way to use honey for your hair is to mix it with a natural oil to reduce its stickiness. Applying this mixture to damp hair allows it to spread and hydrate your head before you wash it out.

Helps With Exercise

Honey is a type of natural carbohydrate. Mixing it with your favorite foods or snacks before a workout adds a few extra nutrients to your diet while providing extra energy for later. Eating a spoonful of honey about an hour before your workout routine allows you to get the most benefits out of it. This is because the body absorbs carbs slowly. Think of it as storing energy to use once you begin to run low on energy later.

Hopefully, your quality of life improves when you use honey in a way you’ve never used it before. By considering a few of these unexpected uses of honey you should take advantage of, you’ll benefit from its different applications in various scenarios.

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