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6 Home Selling Tips 2013

6 Home Selling Tips

  • Good home selling tips include calculating the expenses for your home’s utility costs for the last twelve months and have that information out and accessible for real estate agents and home buyers who come to view your home.


  • The first impression of your home to a perspective buyer counts for a lot. How does your home currently rank on curb appeal? When getting ready to sell your home, landscaping needs to be on your to-do list. Fix broken walkways, dead grass patches, mow the grass, remove weeds, plant new flowers in your flower beds if needed, clean the gutters, and speak to a landscape or hardscape expert and see if you have the budget for a few things that can make your yard look good, organized, and could possibly raise the value of your home. Always talk to a professional before starting any do-it-yourself projects to make sure there are no zoning requirements and permits you need to follow and obtain. When people drive up, you want them to envision a nice place for them and their family to run and play.


  • Go around your home, inside and out and make sure no light bulbs are out, replace any if necessary. If one fixture holds several bulbs, make sure all the bulbs are the same color/strength.


  • All of your closets should be very neatly organized. Remove about half of your things so that not only the buyer can envision their things in your closets but so that they don’t get an overwhelmed feeling that there isn’t a lot of space. Too much stuff in one place can make any area look smaller.


  • You should prepare your home to look like a model home, builder’s model, or a model apartment. Remove clutter, excess décor, and all of your daily items like newspapers, pet food bowls, slippers, toiletries, mail, etc.


The idea is to create a comfortable, clean and tidy home that people can not only imagine living there but also can’t wait to live there!

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