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Flash Art Creates a New Opportunity for Today’s Modern Artist

Can'O' Tattoos, All Vintage Temporary tattoos, for those who have everything, random shopping, Seattle, Washington, USATattoos have become a very prominent part of society. Known as “Flash Art,” tattoos have become a popular way to express beliefs and display artwork. In fact, the temporary tattoo industry has exploded in recent years as people from every part of society wishes to display body art.

A New Industry For Artists And Illustrators

As many artists know, becoming recognized in the art world is very hard. This is especially true if your art work is considered to be fantasy artwork. While this type of art has had many artists excel in video game creation, movie work, and book illustrations, the area has never really excelled outside of this area. Some artists have seen their works turned into tattoos, but until recently this type of art work was not high in demand. Now, because of the increase of interest in flash art, especially in the temporary tattoo industry, artists and illustrators can sell their art and are often recruited for their unique and intriguing designs. Many portfolios are now designed just to complement this market.

Where To Sell Your Artwork

There is an old saying that an artist is only as good as their sales. While every artist knows this is not true, Van Gogh for instance only sold two paintings while he was alive, artists still need to pay their bills and put food on the table. There are many ways that you can sell your artwork for this type of industry, including establishing a website that showcases your artwork and allows people to purchase designs directly. Additional ways that you can promote your artwork include:

• Social Media

Use of social media has become one of the best ways to showcase and offer your artwork. These sites not only allow you to connect with people that you may never had a chance to meet, they also encourage people to create groups of like-minded individuals that will help them network in their fields of interest.

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• Freelance Sites

There are many freelance job boards that are desperately looking for artists and illustrators in this field. This allows you to connect and bid on jobs for potential clients around the world.  Once you can establish yourself on one or more of these sites, you often have more work than you can handle. There are also online forums, such as tattoyou.com, for artists to share and promote their work.

• Self –Promotion 

Build a digital portfolio of your work and make it available for all who are interested. If you are an outgoing personality, email your portfolio to potential clients in an effort to make contact.  Because the files are digital, and email is free, there is absolutely no cost for you to make contact.

Ultimately, flash art is here to stay. People have discovered how appealing it is to display art on their bodies, especially in temporary form.  Artists and illustrators, who have, in the past, been discouraged by the lack of demand for their wonderful artwork, will find that now there is a demand. All it will take is a little bit of time and networking, and a full time career can be established.


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