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6 recipes for those turkey leftovers

It’s the morning after and chances are that your refrigerator is bursting almost as much as your waist line with all those Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. It’s a shame to let all that turkey go to waste so here are just a few creative ways to use those leftovers in your meals this week.


Get your morning off to a healthy start with a turkey and egg white omelet. Both ingredients are a great source of protein which will give you plenty of energy to visit with your in-laws or tackle the toughest Black Friday crowd.

Turkey Salad

Turkey salad can be prepared just like chicken salad and with the meat already cooked, makes for a quick and easy lunch. Just dice leftover turkey, combine with mayo, celery, salt and pepper and then serve of crusty bread or over leftover salad.


If you’ve saved the turkey carcass it can be used to make a delicious homemade turkey stock. Once you have a stock made you can add turkey meat, vegetables, rice or noodles to make a hearty turkey soup.


Turkey is a great chicken substitute in tacos and burritos. Shred leftover meat and sauté with your favorite Mexican spices. Add lettuce, tomato, rice, beans and cheese and then roll in a flour tortilla or stuff into a taco shell.


The only thing better than a turkey dinner is the sandwich you get to eat for lunch the next day. Coat two slices of white bread with mayo; add layers of turkey, cheese, cranberry sauce and your favorite vegetables.

Pot Pies

For a real comfort food dinner combine turkey, carrots, peas and onion with a can of cream of mushroom soup or your homemade turkey stock. Place in a casserole dish and top with a store bought pie crust or left over mashed potatoes and bake in the oven.

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