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Safety Inspection for Pickup Truck’s Exhaust System

Exhaust system maintenance is not only about not hearing loud muffler – or lack of muffler sounds emanating from cars, trucks and vehicles but also of safety for drivers and their passengers.  The auto exhaust system that is in good condition can bring along secured driving from dangerous fumes as well as a lesser impact to the environment. This is apart from the fact that it can save a lot of money from repair expenses.  With this, the importance of basic auto exhaust system maintenance should be realized.

Exhaust Heat as the Major Cause & Causation of Auto Exhaust & Muffler Systems Wear:

First we consider the things that set off the deterioration of auto exhaust system.  Heat and moisture produced during engine combustion are actually the key players in the wear and tear of the system. Heat produced can lead to the constant expansion of rubber brackets and gaskets then when cooled down these shrink down. The repeated expansion and shrinkage of the rubber material eventually lead to the damage of these materials. The moisture on the other hand typically settle on the inner linings of mufflers and pipes that stimulate the onset of corrosion and rusting.

Twice a Year Auto Exhaust System Inspections Which Can Simply be Done by Many Auto Owners Themselves at Little Costs but their Time:

The best way to do the exhaust system maintenance task is twice a year at the least. The uncomplicated task can be done by the vehicle owners themselves. First thing to do is to go down the under body of the vehicle once it has been jacked up or lifted by the service hoist. Once under the vehicle, inspecting its exhaust system is just a simple task. But consider your safety first. Wear eye protection because it can be harmed by the rust that falls off from the exhaust. Do not attempt to go down without letting the exhaust system especially the converter because it can burn up your skin.

Proper Tools & Materials Needed for Basic & Standard Auto Exhaust System Maintenance:

Proper tools and materials are required in doing exhaust system maintenance too. These are the lifting tools (jack, jack stand, wheel chocks or service hoist), rust penetrant which is a rust and corrosion breaker and protector and various wrenches and sockets for fastening.

What to Look for When Doing Automobile – Truck, Crossover SUV & Auto Exhaust Systems Inspections:

When inspecting the exhaust systems look for the signs of corrosion and leaks. The rusting signs include whitish accumulation, holes, loose flakes, and blister. Or you can also try tapping pipes and muffler using a wrench to find out if these are in good or bad condition. Ringing sound for good and dull for not. Signs of leakage on the other hand are dark feathery streaks, gaps and looseness. Before fastening these leaks with a wrench and socket apply rust penetrant to remove rust and delay its subsequent formation. Apart from the signs, proper functioning of the exhaust system is also dependent on the clearance of the heat shield from other components. Bend parts to make them at least half an inch from the heat shield. Observe the rubber hangers too. Look for any sign of damage. Though simple, the basic auto exhaust system maintenance task can be pretty tough for ordinary person especially if he is not geared to it. Thus a good alternative is asking a mechanic to do the job for you for a relatively small fee or auto garage shop fee.

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Tom has a great amount of expertise in the auto repair and maintenance trades especially with Chevrolet & GMC trucks in the Surrey Maple Ridge greater Vancouver BC areas – for those planning summer vacations with their truck in Brtiish Columbia he can take any old truck & tune it up so that it runs better than new – for a family road trip to say Whisler – up the Pacific Ocean British Columbia Sea & Ski highway to Squamish Whistler / Blackcomb Bc summer mountain resort or alternatively a fun jaunt up the roads of the Fraser River to Kelowna

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