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Five Must-Visit Restaurants in Manhattan

When it comes to New York, just thinking about it can be overwhelming.  All of the major cities, the boroughs, etc. it can all become a blur.  Planning your agenda in such a big place can be a lot to deal with.  What is the solution? Look into where you’re going and see what other people suggest.  Most people like to go site seeing, museums, amusement parks, but what about the food?  People love food.  New York is an awesome place to go for food, especially with all of the different cultures you can experience.  Not to mention the pizza.

Listed below are the five must-visit restaurants in the city of Manhattan.

Per Se

On the newer side, Per Se opened in 2004.  Chef Thomas Keller focuses on cuisine, appearance, mood, and atmosphere that will leave you with a fulfilling and emotional experience.  The dining room only holds 15 tables, but the view of Central Park is unlike any other. On the costly end, Per Se offers American and French cuisines. For example, a $275 9 course-tasting menu and for lunch a 5 course tasting for $175.

Le Bernardin

Opening in New York in 1986, Le Barnardin quickly boosted to the top.  Originally from France, this place is known for their remarkable seafood, this restaurant also has many records under their belt.  As a French cuisine restaurant, Le Bernardin is the only four star, New York restaurant to hold its status of excellence for more than 10 years.  Also, unique to Le Barnardin, in 1998 its first cookbook was released to please its fans all over the world.

Restaurant Daniel


Another creator of French cuisine, chef Daniel Bouloud has won multiple awards for his ability.  Restaurant Daniel is known for its seasonal cuisine.  The chef focuses on different types of food depending on the season, offering scallops, squab, lobster, duck, tuna, beef, and even pigs feet. Of course, the food is decorated and accented with all different kinds of vegetables, desserts, etc.  The atmosphere and the size of the restaurant are fit for both private and corporate types of get togethers.

21 Club

During the Roaring Twenties, 21 Club quickly became one of the biggest hot spots in town.  Founded during the prohibition era by two cousins from the west side, 21 Club was raided multiple times by the FBI.  Not only does this restaurant offer a tremendous amount of history, they also serve some of the best traditional American cuisine in the area.  For over 75 years, 21 Club has been one of the finest dining establishments in the US.  The Bar Room in “21” is a must-see for any first time visitor of Manhattan.


In 1988, owner Charlie Palmer opened this two-story, American cuisine serving establishment.  With two dining rooms and bar, this restaurant offers zesty entrees such as lamb chops and squab and delicious desserts. Aureole is classy and elegant and in the hands of an award-winning owner/chef, this restaurant will not let you down.

Now, these are only five of the top rated and highly suggested restaurants to dine at while visiting Manhattan.  Also, these are on the pricey side, maybe a once a month type of meal, however these places, along with many others, guarantee a great experience.  As mentioned above, the best way to keep your day full of events is to plan ahead.  There are many ways to figure out where to go and what to do while on a vacation or get-a-way.  Food is always on the list of things to do and always one of the best experiences; in Manhattan there is an endless list of places to go and new foods to try.

This article was written by Thomas Benjamin. Thomas is an food lover and enjoys going out in the big city.

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