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Memorable and Fun Senior Class Trips

Senior class trips are a great tradition across the country. A pivotal moment, this class trip may be the last time in their lives when they get to enjoy a vacation without any of the burdens or responsibilities they will soon face. Here are a few destinations to consider that are enjoyable, memorable and even a little educational.

New York City, NY

The bright lights and excitement of the Big Apple will be remembered for a lifetime. The young adults can catch a show on Broadway, take in some recent history at the Ground Zero Memorial and catch a few ball games. Visit Chinatown for a cultural experience and get lunch at least once from a street vendor. There’s plenty to do, and the memories will never be forgotten.

Orlando, FL

The obvious attraction here is Disney World, but it’s not the only one. Seniors can head over to Sea World for a close encounter with dolphins and take a hilarious step back in time by eating at the Medieval Times restaurant. Universal Studios offers plenty of entertainment, and the beach isn’t too far away.

Charleston, SC

Take a tour of the south by visiting Charleston. The beaches are great, the restaurants are incredible and the aquarium should be at the top of the to-do list. The class can tour plantation homes, check out Fort Sumter and have fun exploring the culture of the city.

Los Angeles, CA

Cosmopolitan and exciting, Los Angeles is the city to visit if you are near the west coast. Take a trip through Hollywood to check out the mansions and see the Walk of Fame. There are also theme parks to enjoy like Universal Studios and the La Brea Tar Pits. Of course, no trip to LA would be complete without at least one day at the beach, and there are several parks available for some rest and relaxation.

London, England

This trip will cost a little more, but if you start planning early enough, it can be done. London is an incredible place for students, and you won’t even have to worry about a language barrier. Students can tour Buckingham Palace and take in a trip down the Thames. The nightlife is amazing, and there are countless theaters to enjoy. Street performances are commonplace, and the students will feel truly grown up as world travelers.


No passports are required, but this senior trip will be tropical, relaxing and fantastic. Some additional advance planning will be required for the kids to save up funds or do fund-raising, but the trip is worth the effort. Students can enjoy the beaches, explore the island and enjoy some amazing diving and snorkeling.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

This historic park is a fantastic destination for senior class trips. It’s different and wonderful, and your students will have more fun than they thought possible. They will get to see incredible wildlife like bison, wolves and even bears. The eagles soar through the sky, and the elk may wander near the campsite. Memories built around the campfire will never fade, and the kids will form tight bonds that will last a lifetime.

When planning a senior trip, try to choose something a little different and more exciting. These trips will require much more planning than a day trip, but they are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed. Whether you choose a place that is right next-door or across the ocean, the memories will last forever.

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