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History of Pride in the LGBT Community – Infographic

Infographics-the-history-of-the-meaning-of-gay-prideSupporting Pride Has Been A Long Road

However you look at it, the LGBT community has endured a lot to get to where they are now. In 2013 we live in a much more tolerant society but it still has a long way to go. Throughout history you can see some of the progress that has been made such as over 250,000 gay men serving for the British Armed services during World War II.

Other items on there are just as relevant such as an official gay pub being made to support the community in a real physical manner.

In 1972 the world saw its first Gay Pride rally in London showing that this was a community to be reckoned with and that their rights needed to be respected.

There is a reason to keep fighting and this infographic can support that as well showing you the progress that has been made throughout history and how you too can be a part of keeping it relevant. With a major community worldwide there are plenty of supporters and perhaps the best place to stand up is online and in social media. We are supporting this through blogging but you can support instantly on Social Media. Because of the real time nature of the networks out there like Twitter, you can instantly get a grass roots LGBT following behind something, such as spreading this graphic.

People like visual things whether that is an image or a video and this image tells more than a thousand or million words because it is not just an image, it is a story and a piece of history just condensed into something easy to consume. Don’t forget to read all the way through this graphic and then find some way that you too can contribute to helping people get the support they need within the gay world.

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