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Holiday Security For Your Home

Ok, so the holidays have finally come and you and your family are getting ready for a well needed break. Tickets have been booked and itineraries scheduled. You have a long ‘to do’ list and on that list is all the things you need to do relating to your home when you leave including your home holiday security. So many things need to be remembered so to lighten the load we will give you a list of things that need to be done relating to your home when you go on holiday, especially home security.

Holiday Home Security Tips

  • In important home security tips, is to make sure all alarms are in working condition and the call is going through to the specific emergency centre. Some of the alarms to check are the home intruder alarm, car alarms and outside lights.
  • Switch off and unplug any items you are able to, this is prominent in efficient holiday security. Turn off all geysers including your water and gas if you use this. Apart from unplugging items helping with electricity consumption, it is also safer.
  • You should cancel all relevant deliveries like your newspaper and mail. Having mail and newspapers pile up outside ones door is a clear indication that no one is home and following this holiday home security tips will prove beneficial. If you have a glass see-through door, consider covering it so the post is out of site. Alternatively you are also able to speak to someone at your post office and arrange for them to hold your mail for you until you return from your holiday.
  • Try and not advertise the you are going on holiday in a public space. The chances may be slim but someone might overhear and this may be communicated to a burglary syndicate. In other holiday security tips, you should not leave a message on your answering machine indicating that you are on holiday and if you have a helper or gardener staying on your property, you should communicate to them that family members will be popping around a few times to check in.
  • Don’t draw your curtains closed unless this is what you normally do because this is a clear sign that no one is home. Do make sure all windows are closed and locked though.
  • Make sure all your valuables like jewelry are packed away out of site or better in a safe, important in holiday security.

Jemma Scott writes about travel related topics and in this article looks at home security while on holiday. The idea came when she needed to go on holiday and used a cat sitter and pet minding to look after her pets.

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