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Discover Paris in a Weekend

With an abundance of landmarks, Paris will captivate you and will surely become a cherished destination. Moreover, Paris will charm you whether you prefer to visit historical sites, eat appetizing food or spend your vacation budget on designer clothing.

Things to Do

Paris is a city that bustles with activities year-round. Depending on your travel date, you’ll find an exciting event in which to take part. For example, during the month of February, you can celebrate the Chinese New Year. However, if you visit in the spring, then you’ll want to attend the first of two Fashion weeks, which happens in March. In May, the French Tennis Open takes place while July presents the le Tour de France, and December brings the magic of Christmas.

Sites to See 

Paris will be your heaven here on earth if you’re a history buff. You have viewing options such as the Catacombs, which features exhumed bones that were relocated after the Paris cemetery was filled to capacity. Also, the Notre Dame Cathedral will amaze you with its Gothic grandeur and remarkable architecture. Finally, you must visit the Eiffel Tower as it’s a world renowned landmark.

Weight to Gain 

France has wonderful food with the history to back it up as the restaurant industry started in Paris over 200 years ago. If you are traveling to Paris for the first time, then avoid eating near historic landmarks and tourist attractions since these dining establishments tend to be overpriced with poor food. For a memorable dining experience, eat where the locals congregate for meals. However, plan on getting to know your dining neighbors due to the overcrowding of tables in small restaurants. If you embrace the natives dining nearby, then you may receive first-hand advice on where to consume your next delightful meal.

Places to Stay

Paris accommodations are numerous, and you’ll find lodgings for every travel budget. Luxury five star resorts are plentiful if you have a sizable vacation allowance. However, if you’re traveling with restrictions, then you may consider renting one of the many Paris apartments, or if your budget is closer to shoestring, then the city does offer numerous hostels.

Memories to Make

Plan on walking around Paris while window shopping. The city can be crossed in several hours, and you’ll be able to experience the city first-hand. You can book a walking tour, or buy a book and embark on a self-guided walking tour. Additionally, visit The Louvre as it is among the finest museums throughout the world. Lastly, shop at one of city’s flea markets where you’ll find unique souvenirs at affordable prices.

One trip to Paris is never enough, and you’ll surely be saving your pennies while planning your next trip to the famous “City of Light.”

Robin has travelled to many countries and now writes about places to visit in Europe.  Robin also recommends staying in short-term rental accommodation instead of hotels such as Rome apartments, apartments in Paris, London and Amsterdam.

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