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How To Keep Your Art Collection Safe On The Road

Work of art

Every piece of art holds a story, a part of history, which can be destroyed in a moment by an accident or an act of foolishness. It’s not always a question of the monetary value – whether it’s a Picasso, your own artwork or something your child complete for a school prize, you will want to keep these delicate items safe. That’s especially important when you’re moving as it’s a time when many household items can be damaged.

Work of art

If you’re going to hire a professional company to move your home’s belongings, they will ask you about any fragile items they’ll need to give special attention when you’re moving and that special piece of your family’s history will be top of your list.

Don’t move it yourself

Your initial thoughts about moving the artwork might include letting the professional movers transport everything except the art to the new location because you intend to move that one valuable item yourself. This is almost certainly not a reasonable decision, because only moving experts will know how to take the ultimate care to package the artwork so that it arrives safely for hanging in your new home.

If choosing to carry out this part of the operation yourself, you will need to collect together a very strong carrying box and plenty of bubble wrap as your protection package. It is better to move the artwork within its frame as removing the artwork and rolling it will cause it to become bent and perhaps crease exactly where you wouldn’t want it to.

There are very strong and high-quality packing boxes that are manufactured purely for moving artwork that is already framed. The same boxes are often used to move mirrors from one location to another. Where the artwork is particularly large you might need to join two packaging boxes together.

Purchase more than sufficient bubble wrap

The first stage of the process is to prepare the artwork by covering it completely using bubble wrap. Once you’ve completed this task, cover it with yet another set of bubble wrap and make sure all of the corners are sheltered by using corner protectors. By using masking tape in an X shape, you will secure the bubble wrap so that it won’t move when it is placed inside the box.

Once you’ve placed the artwork inside the box, fill the rest of the box with more bubble wrap so that the artwork can’t move inside.

The box needs to be placed in an environment where it won’t be subject to radical changes in temperature during the transit. The box must also be placed upright so that nothing can be stored on the box by accident, and you must make sure that the box cannot move with whatever shipping method you’re using.

Hiring professionals to move the artwork for you is the safest way to move your treasured gift because you want to make sure it arrives in the same condition that it left your property. You almost certainly cannot purchase enough fragile stickers for this operation.

These moving tips are provided by  Removal Services Scotland . (Image credit: Sam Howzit)

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