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MTS 3G PLUS Network Enabling A New Era of Technology Lovers

Baby just born technology


Internet Baby Gone Viral From Tech Expertise

You have to see this video! It is so funny! A baby that has just been born is already a tech expert looking like a chief technology officer at a company with all of the tech that he is playing with. Right after coming out of his mom, literally, at the hospital this commercial shows the baby grabbing onto the doctors phone and taking pictures of himself! He snaps his finger at the nurse to give him tools so that he can cut himself free! It is truly a cute video and has already gone viral with over 2 million views on the original upload alone. If you multiply that by all of the embedded views or copied videos or coverage on tv and other places it is surely much higher than that too!

We love this video and think that you will find it purely hilarious which you will want to share at work and home so don’t forget to check it out below. If you are interested in MTS 3G PLUS network we recommend that you check them out and give them a try if you are in one of their territories, surely they are nice if they can produce commercials with so much humor! 

Here at Weekly Living we are dedicated to bringing you great stories that make you laugh or teach you something and not only is this funny but it is educational about one of the major tech networks out there and some of the technology that works on it really fast such as laptops, phones, and tablets when you are on the go giving you the internet and fast speeds you need! Leave some comments below with your thoughts!


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