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Multipurpose Baby Gifts for the New Mom

baby_shower_CSBBecoming a new parent is one of the most wonderful experiences that any person can have. While a baby is learning to survive in their new world outside of the womb, parents learn to teach their children the skills they need to succeed and live contended lives. Below are some multipurpose items that can be used to help that process that also make great gifts for new parents.

Baby Playards

One of the best gifts for new parents is the baby playard (like pack’n play). Its multitude of uses make it exceptionally useful for parents and their babies. First, they provide a safe space for babies to play in with a variety of stimulating activities available. Secondly, they include a changing table that is removable and can also be used as a baby carrier. Thirdly, there is a detachable bassinet where the baby can comfortably sleep.

Playard bassinets can be removed and placed into the crib or other places so that the baby can rest well any time. The best part about that aspect is that using the bassinet feature can create a familiar and cozy environment for the baby. This makes it easier to establish a reasonable sleeping routine – virtually anywhere you go. The more advanced playards can be laundered in the washing machine. Aside from convenience, being able to clean the messes that moms deal with daily in this way are more sanitary than simply wiping them down.

Multi-Purpose Bib

Today’s bib designs are like having an extra set of hands for a mom. As a hands free baby bottle holder, they provide a consistent flow of nourishment for the baby during feeding time. In the past, moms propped up baby bottles on many different things, making them unwieldy and unsafe. The bib function works well to protect clothing. Essentially, these bibs allow parents to bond during feeding times by allowing moms to continue holding a feeding baby while handling other necessary tasks.
Sarah's Baby Shower

Convertible High Chairs

High chairs today are designed to grow with a child and can be used after a child reaches several months old. They function as a safe place to play for a time as well as a portable booster seat and desk or toddler chair. Since they are available in a variety of styles and materials, they are generally useful for babies up to 3 years old and then up to several hundred pounds when they are converted.

Versatile Baby Pillows

Specially designed baby pillows have a variety of uses. They are usually shaped in such a way as to provide a sleep space as well as function as a type of chair. Some of them have straps attached for safety. They also function as early jungle gyms for babies to explore and roll around on. These pillows can also be used for feeding time. Many come with a protective cover for easy cleaning.

Because of their usefulness, most of the above items become staples for parents. Thus, they all make excellent gifts for anyone who is expecting or has a baby.

As a mother of 4 and a work-at-home mom, Lisa Coleman can share that multipurpose baby equipment makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s something big like a playard (like pack’n play) or something small like a baby pillow, the ease and convenience these items bring a mom will be well worth every dollar spent.

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