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Road Safety: Danish Car Insurance

If you’re planning to purchase a car or import one to Denmark, it’s highly advisable to insure your vehicle as required by the Danish government.

An insurance coverage is required to be allowed to drive in Denmark. Not only that getting one will assure you not to have brushes with the law, it also saves you from worry and headache should you get involved in an accident. Likewise, securing a proper insurance coverage encourages vehicle owners safe and better driving habits. Therefore, if you’re buying or importing a new or used car to Denmark, select the right insurance policy to give you appropriate and comprehensive coverage.

Learn the Basics of Car Insurance

Like most countries, Denmark requires all car owners to buy an insurance policy to qualify for a car registration. To be eligible for car registration, you must purchase third party liability insurance. Should there be a traffic accident, explosion or fire, this type of insurance covers the damages caused by your car. Take note that, as the name suggests, passenger injury and property damages are the only ones covered by third party liability insurance; the driver or car owner is excluded. This is regulated every year.

Since third party liability insurance (also known as public liability insurance) only covers those other than the driver and the vehicle, you will need a separate insurance for them in case of any accident. In this case, you will need a comprehensive insurance. The best way to learn about types of insurance in Denmark is through A Forsikring guide on bilforsikring in Danish (bilforsikring is Danish for auto insurance; click here for the Google Translated version) which will cover car damages or loss due to collision, fire, theft or vandalism. Getting a comprehensive insurance policy is voluntary and you won’t get into trouble with the law if you don’t have one. However, you will be required to have one if you’re buying a car funded by a car loan.

Another type of insurance available in Denmark is standard accident insurance. It covers the policyholder in case of an accident injury while driving the vehicle. However if you also would like to cover the passengers in the vehicle, get an extended accident insurance to cover up to five (5) passengers if they get injured. There’s also another insurance that safeguards your vehicle from loss and damage when travelling outside of Denmark.

Some insurance companies include roadside assistance in their policies for vehicles. It includes unlocking car doors, flat tire changes, jump starting and towing. Roadside assistance is particularly useful for long distance travels within and outside Denmark. Some European insurance companies have partnerships in the region so road travel will no longer be a worry.

The importance of car insurance

No doubt, getting a car insurance has a string of benefits. It may be deemed as not an immediate need however it is very useful in case of unforeseen traffic and vehicular accidents.

Danish laws require its residents to have at least one type of insurance. Therefore, there is always a possibility of brushes with law such as getting fined and your license suspended if you get caught driving in the country without an insurance.

Aside from its legal importance, having an insurance alleviates emotional and financial worry that comes with untoward vehicular events. Should an accident occur, your car insurance will cover hospital bills and damage repairs that are quite expensive when paid out-of-the-pocket. If you want legal and financial peace of mind with your vehicle, invest in good and reliable car insurance.

Roan Manguera writes about all things Danish for the international readers.

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