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The Impact of False Worker’s Compensation Claims

workers compEach worker’s compensation claim will cost an employer money, and this makes a lot of business owners resentful of the entire program. Unfortunately, some of their feelings of resentment are justified because there are people who abuse the system. If you or someone you know files a false worker’s compensation claim, you will be attempting to use the system in an unethical manner that could hurt your fellow employees in the future. After all, one of the primary functions of a worker’s compensation claims agent is to find ways to deny cases. Sadly, this can end up happening to people who have a valid claim.

Dealing with a Denial

If you were injured on the job but had your disability denied, it is important to hire an attorney who works specifically with disability denial cases. Your lawyer will help you build a case that proves that your claim is valid, and they will help you file a lawsuit if you are not able to get the worker’s compensation claims agent to change their decision.

Understanding False Claims

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people each year who attempt to collect worker’s compensation when they are not actually injured. Each time one of these cases is discovered, it further erodes the level of confidence that employers have in the system. After all, if you ran a business and ended up paying someone $10,000 when they were not truly injured, it would most likely make you question the validity of any other injury claims.

L-13-04-29-A-024Questioning a Disability Denial

It is common knowledge that there are people who abuse the worker’s compensation system, and this makes it more difficult for legitimate cases to get approved. In fact, there are most likely thousands of cases each year in which individuals who actually do have injuries, have their disability denied initially. Sadly, the actions of all of the people who have tried to use the system as a free ride have given a bad name to everyone who reports an injury.

If you have been legitimately injured on the job, it is important that you do not allow yourself to be intimidated into not making a claim. Instead, you should report the injury so that you can receive the necessary medical assistance, and you should hire an attorney immediately if your case is denied.

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