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Are Tech Toys Mentally Stimulating?

Young video gamerEven though there are a lot of people who question whether or not it is a good idea to introduce children to video games at a young age, there have been several studies indicating that age-appropriate electronic games can help mentally stimulate people of all ages. Many video games will also help your child learn how to solve puzzles, and this can help them improve their concentration and comprehension skills.

A Mixture of Electronic and Traditional Toys

It can be very beneficial to introduce your child to handheld games and video games at a young age, but you will want to make sure that playing them does not become an obsession. After all, too much stimulation can actually make it difficult to get a young child to settle down when it is time to participate in non-game related activities.

Many toys—the classic activity mat for babies, for example—teach hand-eye coordination skills similar to those which children learn from tech toys. Activity mats and gyms can kick-start the desire to solve puzzles by offering immediate, tangible response. It is best not to take away toys like this too soon and replace them with electronic screens that will cause their eyes to strain. As long as you ensure that your child does not spend the majority of their time playing electronic and video games (especially in early childhood), they will be able to benefit greatly from the increased mental stimulation

SW Children's Summer Series: Toys & GamesFun Versus Educational

It is definitely possible for a child to have fun while learning, but some tech toys have been created with the primary purpose of either educating them or providing a fun experience. For example, there are several talking robot toys that help children learn the letters of the alphabet and other basic concepts. Although your child will enjoy playing with these toys, they will also receive the educational benefits that the manufacturer intended. On the other hand, if you give your child a handheld video game of their favorite sport, they will enjoy themselves without continuously learning new concepts. Fortunately, even if your child prefers to spend most of their play time using tech toys that have not been created to educate them, they will still benefit from the mental stimulation.

Technology has become a crucial aspect of life, so it is important to help your children learn about it from a young age. By making sure that they also have access to more traditional tactile toy options, they will have the proper tools to enjoy their childhood while also learning necessary skills for adulthood.

Savannah Bobo is an English graduate, blogger, freelance writer, former teacher’s aid, and young aunt of three. It can be fun and educational for both you and your child to discover which toys intrigue, educate, and delight you the most. Whether you get them a challenging new strategy video game or one of Bright Starts’ many toddler toys—a play gym, rocker, or activity mat for babies—you can teach your child a lot.

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