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Why Edinburgh Is A Perfect Place For A Wedding

There are many places in the world that aren’t ideal for weddings:

  • Las Vegas – Come on what could be worse?
  • Prison – People tend to make bad decisions behind bars
  • On Television – Talk about intimate.
  • At a shopping centre – Last minute shoe sale?
  • At gunpoint – A solid foundation of trust.

All joking aside, the place where you choose to have your wedding is extremely important and when you actually start looking, it is not always easy to get everything you want from a location all in one place. Unless of course you consider Edinburgh…


If you’ve never been to Edinburgh before, when you arrive in the centre of town you will find it hard not to be overwhelmed with the almost fantasy nature of the scenery. You’ll see a huge ancient castle sat high up on a volcanic rock in the middle, the glorious Old Town spread tightly below it with history flowing down its many steps, a splash of colour with the gardens between it and the stunning New Town opposite. You even have the majestic Arthur’s Seat and crags in the background and the sea to the north. A picture-postcard in all directions that will make you want to propose all over again.


With so many historic buildings across the city ranging from; churches and castles, to hotels and modern art galleries, finding a venue that you love will be as easy as stepping off a bus. As Edinburgh is a popular wedding destination you will have to book early, but every venue is special and well worth the extra effort. Edinburgh has many fine hotels and Michelin starred restaurants for those with deep pockets. Plus drink licenses run later than much of the rest of the UK, and during the festival can be practically all night.


If your guests are travelling far they are going to need somewhere to stay that doesn’t cost the earth. If you venue is a hotel they may cut you a deal, but even if not, there are budget hotels, hostels, B&Bs and holiday apartments a-plenty. This is largely due to the fact in August, each year Edinburgh doubles its population with tourists for its International Arts Festival. If you book early you can probably secure a venue and accommodation if you want to get married amidst the creative carnage that throbs around the city, giving it an extra edge during each summer. Edinburgh has it all and will make your wedding extra special in every way.

Doug Collins was married in Edinburgh at the amazing wedding venue, The Royal Scots. He is also a very keen traveller and Edinburgh was one city he knew he wanted to get married in. He was glad his wife agreed.

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