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New York Bluff House by Robert Young


The Bluff house in New York is stellar and definitely fits on our list of dream homes. This house features a beautiful all wood interior and such assets as a huge fireplace that can heat you up year round, especially during the cold New York winters.

An outdoor pool is perfect for warm summers and enjoying the surrounding view of Block Island Sound which puts you in a place that is surrounding by three sides of water.

Inside you are greeted with nice appliances and furnishings such as the living area and the kitchen. When it is time for bed you have a view above the trees that will make you never want to leave this place again. The fireplaces are on both floors meaning there is some natural heat wherever you go around this place. Patios and balconies set this house apart as a place to really relax and enjoy the scenery.

Check out the attached photos and share your feelings on this dream pad in the comments below.

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