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5 Safety Tips for Traveling During the Holiday Season

Traveling During the Holiday

It’s that time of year for families to begin shuffling from relative to relative. There’s so much to prepare and do before hosting or adventuring, and remembering everything is near impossible. Here’s an easy guide to follow to prepare for your traveling during this Holiday season.

Service Your Vehicle

The last place you want to experience car trouble is mid-route to your holiday gathering. Whether it’s near or far, troubling situations can occur at any time. Consider servicing your vehicle before the busyness takes over.

Often, cold weather can significantly impact engine operations and tire stability. Something as simple as a once over with your mechanic and an oil change can save you the trouble.

Fight Driver Fatigue With Frequent Stops

For a long haul, consider stopping more frequently to stretch your legs and use the restroom. This could help both the driver and any passengers. Stopping also contributes to a re-circulation of blood flow to dissipate any drowsiness.

If you feel too tired to carry on, it’s highly encouraged to rotate drivers.

Prepare Your Home

Preparing your home for your departure is an essential safety tip for traveling during the holiday season. A pet owner should consider boarding their fur children so that they’re well taken care of. And loop in your most trusted neighbors that you are leaving so they can keep a close eye on your property.

Prepare Passenger Entertainment

Depending on how many passengers you have and their ages, you may need to prepare and plan entertainment. A loud car could lead to distracted driving. In the event of a distracted driving accident, it’s best to seek legal advice to determine if you have a case.

Some things you can try for passenger entertainment to avoid a distracted driving incident include coloring, tablets, music players and headsets, or movies on backseat screens.

Map Out the Trip Beforehand

In addition to leaving early enough to accommodate stopping, review the directions and alternative route options in advance. Driving 65 mph on the highway is not the most appropriate time to juggle a new set of directions. This is also a great time saver should any construction sites pop up along the way.

The hustle and bustle of the winter months can bring a lot of extra chaos. Following these five safety tips for traveling during the holiday season can minimize your chances of experiencing avoidable mishaps. Stay safe and happy holidays!

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