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Baby’s First Appearance!

KIMYEAfter a much-anticipated wait, Kanye West unveiled the first baby picture of North, his and Kim Kardashian’s baby girl, on Kris Jenner’s talk show. Kanye told the audience he thought it would be “really cool” to unveil the first photo of North on her grandma’s show, and notes that he and Kim have not tried to profit from the sale of these first baby pictures in any way.

As the interview continued, Kanye gushed to Kris Jenner’s daytime audience about his love for girlfriend, Kim. He said it was love at first sight and that he was always nervous around Kim. Kanye notes that he was “in love with her before I…ever got to talk to her.” He says he even went as far as considering taking up a sport, since in the past Kim had been romantically involved with professional athletes.

With Kim Kardashian and her family so much in the public eye, hopefully, baby North will have the chance to grow up in a somewhat “normal” environment – without scrutiny from the public and tabloids. Kim and Kanye should make their best effort to keep their child away from the cameras until she is older.

Photo credit: MyAlexis


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