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How to Teach a Child a Second Language

Some parents want to raise their children to know how to fluently speak two languages. Some parents know that learning a second language comes with many benefits and that teaching a child a language is easier than teaching an adult. Other parents may be bilingual themselves, and they want their …

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Helping Your Child Adjust to a New School

Moving isn’t easy for anyone, but almost nothing seems more anxiety-producing to the average child than changing schools. Fortunately, you can help ease this transition by taking the time to familiarize your child with his new school and teachers, giving him the opportunity to make friends outside of the classroom, …

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Assuring Kid Safe Internet Surfing

The internet is a playground for a variety of information. Where kids are concerned, the internet can offer a wide range of educational and informative websites and tools. However, the internet can also expose children to websites that are inappropriate as well as dangerous. As the internet grows, so do …

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5 Inspiring Stories of Police Who Risked Their Lives

cc licensed flickr photo shared by ElvertBarnes Police officers receive extensive training prior to working the streets and protecting the public. Training alone, however, does not teach anyone to be heroic. Although police officers daily exemplify courage in the line of duty, these five groups of law enforcement personnel demonstrated …

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