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For The Modern Kitchen: IKEA HACKA

IKEA will be making a huge statement at the World Expo in Milan this year, with their all-new “#IKEAtemporary”  exhibit which wil lshowcase tons of amazing kitchen concepts.

One concept that will be a show-stopper for sure is IKEA’s HACKA, a concept that combines existing IKEA pieces to create a completely awesome and 100% unique kitchen for some lucky owners.

Here are some of the live tweets from the space in #Milan:

This event will be going on for the next six months, and IKEA has made a dedication to showing this to as many people as possible!

IKEA is also opening this opportunity up to fans and friends all around the world, even if you cannot attend the physical event in Milan.  If you can’t make it all the way to Milan, you can follow the updates live and interact with IKEA on their social media and site below:

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @IKEAtemporary

Site:  ikeatemporary.com

“Even more brainpower can only be a good thing. We want your thoughts, opinions and feedback on what we could improve. We believe it’s much better when you tell us how you want to live – and not the other way around. You could say that IKEA has the ingredients – but you have the recipes.”
Marcus Engman, Design manager, IKEA of Sweden.

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