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Great Ways To Save Money on Your Laundry Bills

Laundry isn’t all that fun, and worst of all, running your laundry appliances may lead to higher energy bills every month. If you’re looking to cut down on your electricity consumption, here are some great ways to save money on your laundry bills.

Wash Full Loads

Your washing machine uses roughly the same amount of power regardless of load size. Therefore, it’s generally a good idea to make sure the machine is as full as possible before running it—just don’t overfill your machine. You should separate your laundry before putting it in the washer, but if you have some extra dish towels or socks that could go in with your colors, don’t be afraid to fill up the machine a little more to reduce the number of times you run it.

Limit Dry Cleaning

Due to the unique differences between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning, pay close attention to the instructions on your garments. Certain clothing items are dry clean only, but people may still try to run those items through the wash. Dry cleaning comes at a higher cost than traditional laundry cleaning, so it’s best to save this service for times of necessity.

Use Cold Water

Using cold water is a great way to save money on your laundry bills, and it’s better for the environment. The price for running cold water might be a little higher, but it balances out with the savings on your electric bill from not having to heat the water. Many stores offer cold water-specific detergents you may want to use if you opt for cold water washes.

Air Dry When Possible

Unless you need your garments ready in a hurry, it’s good to hang dry your clothes rather than send them through the dryer. Your dryer uses more energy than most other appliances in your home, meaning running it regularly can add a lot to your electric bill. If you have a place to attach a clothesline or install a shower rod, don’t be afraid to hang up your items and let them dry naturally; you can always throw them in the dryer for a quick touch-up at the end.


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