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Best Tents that Can Temporarily House the Entire Family

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Tents come in all shapes and sizes. From pup tents that shelter a single individual to massive tents with sidewalls that can contain an entire wedding reception or provide housing for soldiers on the battlefield or a crew of workers who require shelter on remote construction projects. 

In the case of the latter, you’re going to require a heavy-duty tent that can safely withstand whatever harsh weather comes your way. Says a representative of American Pavilion Temporary Structures, a Losberger tent provider, there are several types of tents that can accommodate special needs. For instance, an open area tent is a clear span shelter that’s “free of physical obstructions” like interior columns that provide support.

On the other hand, you can purchase or rent heavy duty tents that are supported by strong aluminum beams. The heavy duty vinyl fabric that provides the shelter is flexible and fire-retardant. These tents are specifically engineered to withstand high wind gusts. They are also said conform to the International Building Code for temporary structures. 

But what if you’re in need of a sturdy, roomy tent that can house your entire family, but you don’t quite require anything that’s open area and/or heavy duty for that matter? In other words, what kind of tent would you need for a simple family trek in the mountains or in the woods by a lake? 

According to a recent article, whether your vacation plan is to head abroad with your entire immediate family, or planning a weekend at a rock festival, you’re going to require the right tent for “sleeping under the stars.” 

Say the experts, a two-person tent won’t be provide enough room for you and the kids. A tent designed for a family needs to sleep four persons comfortably. This of course, depends on the age of the kids and their sizes. But there are tents that can sleep up to eight people in private bedrooms. This variety of large tent even contains a common living area. Keep in mind, these tents can run you a lot of money, so before pulling out that credit card you need to make sure the entire family loves to camp out first. 

You should also think about how much use you will get out of the tent. If you plan on holding up in one single place for a week or so and it’s possible to access the site by truck or car, you might choose a heavier, and more spacious ten that will provide maximum comfort. 

That said, here’s a sampling of some of the best tents your money can buy in 2022.

The Eurohike Air 600 Tent

If you’re no longer in the mood to go through the arduous process of planting tent poles, the Eurohike Air 600 tent is said to be the perfect choice. How is it pitched? It utilizes a “double-efficiency pump” which can inflate the tubular frame in just a few minutes leaving more time for you and the family to have fun. 

It’s not as expensive as some competing air models, but it contains premium features like 4000mm HH flysheet which can keep you dry during a heavy downpour, a darkened bedroom to keep out early morning sunlight, and an electric hookup to charge your phones, pads, and laptops. 

With six bedrooms that can be privately divided, the tent has earned the nickname, “the canvass palace.”

The Quechua 4 Person Blackout Air Tent 

The experts consider this air tent to be ideal for travelers who want to “pitch in a flash.” It’s so spacious inside it allows for 70cm of space per person in the bedroom. The entire tent is said to inflate entirely in one go. The bedroom is also pre-assembled eliminating time-consuming hassle.

Since this is a single bedroom tent, it’s geared more for families with little children who don’t mind sharing personal bedroom space. The tent is also engineered with sun protection fabric, 2000mm HH rated material, plus a patented “Fresh & Black” tech that is designed to reflect the sun’s hot rays. Also, the bedrooms can be darkened to block out morning sunshine.  

The Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air Blackout Tent

This is not a cheaply priced tent, but it is one of the best tents money can buy, or so say the experts. If you are planning on doing some serious trekking and camping over the course of many years you might not feel so bad spending some extra money on the Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air Blackout Tent. 

Considered the Rolls Royce family tents this model is engineered specifically for the outdoorsy crowd. The price even includes a Camping and Caravanning Club membership when you purchase it through one of Coleman’s many tent partners. 

The tent is said to come with zipped dividers for “flexible configuration,” storm straps for additional stability, lantern hanging points, full head height, and even an extended front porch. 

The weather-proof tent is constructed with WeatherTex Polyester PU coating plus 4500mm HH rating, and also UV guard that provides SPF50 sun protection. The bedrooms are more roomy than most tents and can even fit a double air mattress. Blackout bedroom tech keeps the bedrooms sun free and cool in the summer months. 

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