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iZettle New Way To Do Business In Style On The Go

iZettle Payment system On The Go Sponsored Review Josh Bois

Stylish Payment Gateway Makes Appearance on Oxford Street London

The new iZettle payment system allows you to take credit card payments on the go. If you check out the attached video you can see how various small businesses used the iZettle in some day to day business. You don’t need to use a super expensive payment gateway system, nor do you need to completely be super basic with a little attachment to your phone. The iZettle provides a way that you can accept payments in style. This small and very cool device connects to your iPhone or Android phone via an application that you download, yet does it wirelessly. This is smart as you can allow a customer to hold the iZettle and insert their payment method while not having to worry about them running off with your device because they will have little utility with it. In other circumstances where people, and by people I mean small businesses or merchants, may give their iPhone or iPad or other mobile device to a customer for them to input their information or slide their card but this is risky. In a situation like this somebody could totally run away with the device. Also it is just dead simple on how to use the iZettle as you just input your card into the slot and then you can even enter your pin there or on the smartphone.

There are many options for the iZettle including entering a custom amount, entering a pin code, declining or accepting a final amount among others. It will tell somebody on the screen f the iZettle and the smart phone device that the transaction as gone through. Small business owners shouldn’t have to worry about how they are getting paid and should be left to be creative with their business and do all of the fun stuff that they really want to do, and iZettle makes it very easy for customers to do that.

Watch the whole series of iZettle small business owner videos to see some of the various places that they have used the iZettle. In a recent campaign this brand opened up a store on Oxford street in London, which is very busy, and allowed some small business owners to setup shop for about 12 hours and keep all of the business they generated and just use the iZettle product. Talk about a win win relationship where iZettle can start to be seen by thousands of consumers and tested out on small businesses, and some small businesses get to try it out and be evangelists plus make some good money!

Anyways check out the video below and the picture above to get an idea about what this cool technology is all about and let us know your thoughts in the comment below!


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