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Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Will Love

Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Will Love

Meet this awesome list of kitchen gadgets that you kind of need …in your kitchen…like now.

So let’s start with the basics, the essentials, the kitchen gadgets you use on a daily basis…the necessities:Wine bottle with corks

  • Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew, Amazon, Price $35
  • Wine Aerator & Pourer, Price $39.95
  • Williams-Sonoma Wine Chilling Wands, Set of 2, Price $39.95
  • Williams-Sonoma Wine Bottle Stopper,Price $9.95

Okay that’s it! That’s all you need in life 😉 😉

Okay, okay, so I’m being a little silly but all of the above kitchen gadgets work great! On to the next!

Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Will Love:

  • Williams-Sonoma Four-in-One Avocado Tool – Cause I eat alotta avos. Price $15
  • Braun Coffee Grinder to use for obviously coffee but also for grinding down spices as well! You can find some on Amazon. Price $145 *Worth it.
  • Cuisinart Green Gourmet Stainless Non-Stick, Eco Friendly, Chemical-Free Pan – Your life will always be a breeze with this thing…well for as long as you’re cooking on it for! Find it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Price $49.99
  • Digital Measuring Cup and Scale – Just super cool. Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Price $40 *You can get these at many, many places now but I like the style of the ones sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, you just pay a little more. Find it on HSN, Target and even Home Depot! Lol.
  • OXO Corn Stripper, show your kids where there corn comes from! It’s about $12 on Amazon.
  • Trudeau Graviti Electric Salt & Pepper Mills, just tilt your wrist and the blades start grinding your salt or pepper over your food, one you turn it upright it stops! Easy Peasy! And they are so pretty! Find them at Williams-Sonoma. Price: $39.95.
  • I’ve had my eye on a Protective Cookbook Holder for a hot minute now! Like…years. I don’t know why I haven’t bought one yet… But anyways, it’s a stand that allows you to prop up your cook book in your war-zone of a kitchen and your cookbook is protected by acrylic. Price $30-$50 on Amazon.

 Happy kitchen gadget shopping, happy cooking and happy eating!

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Will Love
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Kitchen Gadgets Any Foodie Will Love
Meet this awesome list of kitchen gadgets that you kind of need …in your kitchen…like now.
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