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Lifestyle in Canada And Dietary Choices Available

Egg Farmers of CA

If you have ever been interested in living in Canada well here is a good time for you to check it out. We have an interesting sponsor today and that is the Egg Farmers of Canada. You can watch their Pride in Every Egg video where you can get a glimpse into the care that they put into their eggs all the way from the beginning to the inspection process to make sure that everything is perfect and ready for somebody to eat. Perhaps our favorite thing about this is that it is Canadian! If you cannot tell already, my last name is French. Josh Bois…. and that is French Canadian so I still have some heritage in Canada so I like to see these ads being pushed out there.

Please watch the video all the way through because you will also soon realize that the Egg Farmers of Canada ( Eggs.CA) have an official nutritional partner, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation which is supporting its CIBC Run for the Cure campaign throughout the post. Definitely check it out and enjoy the video which is quite relaxing and makes you want to go have  few eggs! We enjoy eggs and hope that more people out there start to turn to eggs and health foods like that for their nutrition as it is much more sustainable than that of a lot of meat production out there and healthier for you. Especially when they say a lot of the world is in a recession you can do a double good by eating eggs! They are not only good for you but healthy on your budget as well! When you can buy 18+ eggs for just a few dollars and make multiple meals out of it, that is very worthwhile!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to watch the video below! 


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