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Want to Travel the World? Consider Sea Work

HMS Surprise at Chula Vista Marine Group Boat WorksTraveling the world is something many people dream about, but having the funds to do so is often the prohibiting factor. If seeing the world is one of your life’s goals, you may want to consider thinking outside of the box to make it happen. If money is keeping you at home, a career at sea may be something to consider.

There are many careers on the open waters that have great pay and great benefits. You can get your fill of adventure and travel while earning a living at the same time. The following careers will give you an idea of where to start.

Something to be aware of is that working on the water carries many rewards as well as risks. If you are injured most employers in the US offer some form of workers’ compensation. If you are injured while working at sea, maritime attorneys advise that you will be covered under the Jones Act which is a federal law protecting employees from negligence. This Act includes jobs on barges, tug boats, helicopter transport, oil rigs and cruise ships.
Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are floating cities which offer a wealth of career opportunities for just about every profession and talent. You can work in the hotel industry on board a ship; become a chef or other culinary expert; be a sound technician for stage shows; sing your heart out or hone your career as a professional dancer – all while traveling to exotic destinations, room and board included!

If you are tech-savvy, or professionally trained in engineering of some kind, you can also find a variety of careers on cruise ships such as refrigeration engineer, rigging specialist, or electrical engineer. You could even work as a staff captain, or perhaps become the captain of the ship.

Fishing Vessels
Working on a fishing vessel is one of the most lucrative careers in a short period of time. Usually, fishermen work only a few months out of the year while the fish are in season, earning a year’s salary. A career on a fishing vessel is a great way to travel on the high seas and still be home with family in the off-season.

Barges and Oil Rigs

You may also consider working on a cargo barge or an oil rig. In many cases, you can begin your career in an entry-level position and work your way up to management with increased responsibilities and excellent pay. Some of these jobs include deckhands, assistant cooks, junior engineers, third mate, chief steward, and master mariner.

Helitreuillage SNSM Marine NationaleBenefits and Risks

As with any career, the maritime industry comes with many benefits, but also some of the highest risk factors. Along with great pay, outdoor living, travel and adventure, comes high-pressure work, long hours, heavy labor and little room for error – especially on an oil rig, cargo barge, or fishing vessel. Many seamen are injured each year as a result of mistakes or faulty equipment.

Jones Act Protection

The good news is, if you are injured on the job in a maritime career, there is a specific set of laws called the Jones Act that are just for the protection of maritime workers. In many cases, if the injury was a result of a malfunction on the ship, or poorly maintained equipment, you could be financially compensated for any injuries you endure. Contact maritime attorneys to ensure you also receive funds to support your family for the period of time you are unable to work, and any other benefits for which you are eligible.

If you desire to travel the world, but do not have the money to do so, a career at sea might be the perfect job for you. Explore the many options available and find what appeals most to your skill set, and before you know it, you’ll have countless stamps in your passport.

Teresa Stewart enjoys writing about job opportunities, and researched water opportunities for those who enjoy high seas adventures.


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