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Monster Fight: Sharktopus vs. Starship Trooper Warrior Bugs

There’s nothing better than a good monster movie. To that end, one of my guilty pleasures is the science-fiction horror flick Sharktopus. If you are unfamiliar with the film, it features a creature known cryptically as “S-11,” a monstrous half-octopus, half-shark that the U.S. Navy created to give itself an edge against its enemies. Naturally, things don’t go according to their plans; the Sharktopus manages to break free of his controls and begins to roam both the sea and the beach in search of victims.

Sharktopus vs. the Warrior Bugs

The absolute destruction that the Sharktopus wreaks on his environment got me thinking; how would he fare against some of history’s most famous movie monsters? A Sharktopus/Godzilla matchup would be classic. Or how about The Deadly Mantis? Reptilicus? The Predator? The possibilities are nearly endless and any of the aforementioned creatures would make for an amusing matchup against S-11. However, the Warrior Bugs, from Starship Troopers, instantly stood out to me as a great opponent for this sea-dwelling beast.

Picture a massive creative, somewhat similar to a spider, with long back legs and pincers; that’s what the Warrior Bugs look like. While they’ve only got half the amount of legs that the Sharktopus does, they do have a few unique characteristics, including the ability to blend into their environment and burrow into the ground. They are quick, and they move around their surroundings with ease. Not only that, but they have a mandible that is sure to take off a few of those Sharktopus legs when push comes to shove. And when it comes down to it, what’s an octopus without its legs?

Obviously, the Sharktopus has advantages of its own. Any monster with the teeth of a shark and the suction cup power of an octopus is going to be a formidable foe. And let’s not forget those legs; it is awfully hard for anyone, even a warrior bug, to keep an eye on all eight of them at once. Plus, the fact that the Sharktopus can travel on both land and water gives him a lot of flexibility. If things aren’t going so well against the Warrior Bug, Sharktopus can simply retreat back to the ocean to recover and come up with a new game plan. The Warrior Bug just doesn’t have that luxury.

So, who would win? I don’t think there’s really any debate here. While the Warrior Bugs certainly had the Mobile Infantry up in arms, they’re no match for the genetically engineered Sharktopus. The sheer size and strength of the creature gives it an advantage over just about any opponent I can think of.

Let’s face it, the Sharktopus is a beast; no bug monster is going to stand a chance against all those legs.

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About the author: When not catching late night cheesy sci fi flicks, Sam is an exterminator in Jersey City NJ. He doesn’t miss the irony that he now kills bugs for a living after growing up watching horror flicks with giant civilization destroying insects.

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