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Nissan’s Contract for NYC Taxi: What’s in the Deal

New York definitely wouldn’t be the same without taxis. They have been a part of the busy city’s life as revealed by these figures:

  •  number of taxis: 13,237
  •  average mileage of a taxi per year: 70,000 miles
  •  number of passengers per year (just in New York): 236 million
  •  percentage of New Yorkers who ride a taxi daily- 63% (mainly because they’re late or tired)

It’s because of these figures that vehicle manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve the “good old yellow cab.” There are nine companies that currently manufacture the latest taxi models. And although the group’s led by Ford and its Crown Victoria, Nissan taxis also have their good share of fame.

Nissan’s innovation, the Nissan NV200 currently holds the title the “Taxi of Tomorrow.” This title was given by The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). The NV200 earned the title as it is projected to change the way New York City’s people will commute in the world of tomorrow. This contract involving Nissan is predicted to create revenue of $1 billion for the company within ten years. Nissan plans to launch its 2014 model and replace the recent 16 models by 2018.

Consumers these days are more concerned with the environment, and this shows even in their means of transportation. They look for vehicles that will replace standard gas cars, buses and even taxis. This is something that Nissan’s contract will try to address. The company and the city will work together to do study electric and zero emissions vehicles. Their goal is to produce as many as six electric cars ready for testing this year.

This new taxi will basically be like the traditional New York City yellow taxicab, except that it has the signature Nissan rims. Its cabin is designed with a higher roof and more legroom, making it more comfortable and spacious for passengers.

A more pleasurable ride

These taxis are equipped to make commuting more enjoyable and sanitary. The cabins are now fresher and cleaner because of their improved interior materials made of breathable antimicrobial upholstery. Passengers can also adjust the air conditioning using the cabin controls.

A “techy” vehicle

To keep up with the lifestyle of its technology-driven riders, the taxi has hi-tech features like  LED cabin lighting and a USB charging outlet.

A car that cares

It’s not only air pollution that this taxi is trying to reduce. Its horn doesn’t sound as annoying as that of a usual taxi. This is Nissan’s way of helping in the reduction of noise pollution. Pedestrians don’t have to worry about not being warned when they’re crossing the street, because there are exterior lights that turn on when the taxi’s honking. The taxi cares about its guests who would like to enjoy the city’s lights and sights. They can do so without straining their necks because the taxi has a large transparent viewing window in the roof. The taxi has slide-opening passenger doors, which makes the design more bike-friendly.

These vehicles will become well known even to the handicapped, as these taxis will have safety straps, rear access ramps and text in braille.

The nicest thing about the Nissan NV200 (aside from the Nissan rims) is its flat passenger floor, which makes it easier and safer to get in and out of the taxi.

Other specs 

  •  fuel-efficient
  •  convenient steel rim package
  •  red light indicator for passenger loading
  •  front/rear-seat occupant curtain airbags
  •  seat-mounted airbags for the front row
  •  reading lamps for rear passenger
  •  6-way adjustable driver’s seat
  •  power-heated mirrors
  •  can be made to function through fully electric power

This is not just another contract for Nissan. It’s a contract to change the face of taxi riding in New York.

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